Structures in Waterways Field App

A Cybertracker “Project”

ATS Environmental has developed a free application to help collect and manage field data relating to structures and waterways that may be barriers to fish. If you have downloaded the app and are planning to upload your data (when back in wifi) please send us an email so we can keep an eye out and contact you if necessary. Once you have uploaded your data ATS can help to process it in many ways, see our table of Data Management Services.

Here is an example of the KMZ Map
Sankey Map

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ATS Data Management Services

Once you have collected your field data ATS can help to sort and present it in many ways.

Download CyberTrackerVia Playstore/Apple StoreFree
Download “Structures in Waterways” projectVia ATS websiteFree
App SupportEmail/PhoneFree
Upload field data from deviceATS FTP siteFree
Download unsorted dataCSVPOA
“polish” dataCSV – tidy up and add other infoPOA
Assign Current Status <—(click here for more info)ATS CS algorithmPOA
Recommended FixATS RF algorithmPOA
Estimated Fix CostATS EFC algorithm for estimating material costsPOA
GIS mapsKML/KMZ/Shape etcPOA
Chartse.g. Pie charts, Sankey charts etcPOA
ReportsPlanning, monitoring, compliance etcPOA
Build/manage master datasetCSVPOA
Merge historical/external dataas requiredPOA
Desktop InventoryUse various GIS layers to create a map of “targets” for field surveysPOA

Remember ATS Environmental also offer Field Services

  • Structure Data collection – pre-assessment & monitoring
  • eDNA sampling – collection and processing
  • Remediation – design, supply and installation
  • Training – in data collection and remediation