ATS Environmental are available for site assessments and installation of products to improve fish passage.

We are also able to monitor your site, before and after the installation of fish passage products.

Our staff are able to travel to your site, anywhere in New Zealand. We can also train your staff in the installation process if required.


ATS Environmental have the expertise and experience to successfully install a range of fish passage products to your existing structures, including:

  • Flexi Baffles
  • Fish Friendly Flood Gates (FFG)
  • Tunnel House/Planter
  • Mussel Rope
  • Fish Ladders/Ramps
  • Installation and calibration of Fish Friendly Floodgates (FFG)


We are able to assess structures in waterways for fish passage efficiency, based on our assessment we can provide an improvement strategy and suggest products that can be retro-fitted to assist fish migration.


Our staff are able to monitor fish populations at your site, both before and after fish passage enhancements. ATS Environmental have staff that are trained in electric fishing, spotlighting and trapping to identify fish species and estimate fish populations.

Electric Fishing



Staff Training

We have experience working with councils, through to the greater public, demonstrating how to install fish passage products. We can assist TA staff to implement mitigation actions and provide guidance for summer students (spat rope and rubber ramp training).


ATS Environmental are available to facilitate workshops on the topic of fish migration and products that can assist with fish passage.

We will also work with Environment Agencies to design, develop and produce solutions for special projects.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.