Educational Tools


Below are downloadable files containing information regarding fish passage issues, particularly in New Zealand waterways. There are also presentations featuring ATS Environmental products designed to alleviate some of these problems. Please note that the pdf versions do not include slide transitions and animations.

Click this link for a great understanding of what fish require for upstream migrations and remediation tools to achieve this.

Obstruction to fish passage

Presentation regarding current issues facing fish migration in New Zealand waterways.

Product Presentations

PDFicon Obstructions to Fish Passage.pdf (732kb) powerpoint_Icon Obstructions to Fish Passage.pps (1.3Mb)
PDFicon Culvert Baffle Arrays.pdf (432kb) powerpoint_Icon Protect Long-finned Eels in New Zealand
PDFicon Large Culvert Baffles.pdf (373kb) A community for catadromous (Anguillid) Eel enthusiasts 
PDFicon Fish Friendly Flood-Gates.pdf (1.1Mb) Forest and Bird