CFD Modelling

Hi everyone

Many of you will be aware that observing, measuring and understanding the complex flows in which fish move is very challenging.

Below are a few interesting images that have been created by the Fish Passage Action Team using CFD modelling.

There are many options for displaying the results, but the fantastic thing is having the ability to see the velocity and direction of the flow down through the water column.

We are currently building a library with models using different flow rates, culvert types, baffle configurations etc.

If you have a particular project that would benefit from this type of simulation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team directly.

Note: A table with the model’s parameters is in the top right corner of each image.

– Noodles with Arrows
– Fish Icons
– Heat Map
– Comparison With and Without Flexi-Baffles
– 450mm Flexi-Baffles in 600mm Pipe

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