Field Day

I had a great day out in the field with a bunch of folk keen to do some learning with gumboots on.

Kelsey Tills of Rayonier kindly organised the day with representatives from Forestry (Rayonier and PF Olsen), local government (Waikato Regional Council), contactors and a community care group.

Despite the rain, we manged to visit a number of culverts and discussed both new installations and remediation of existing structures, with a view to improving fish passage.

The Fish Passage Action Team are happy to assist and or lead workshops or training days.

Fish Passage Workshop – Whangamata,NZ.
Photo – Glenda Betts

Note: This culvert is under a road that crosses a wetland – there is no stream as such, just what was excavated during the installation.

Lessons Learnt 8

The NZ Dept Conservation Fish Passage Advisory Group website has a number of Lessons Learnt describing different fish passage remediation projects.

Tim Olley spent over a year researching and putting together this comprehensive report highlighting the effectiveness of flexible baffles in a long, steep culvert.

We are planning to make a PowerPoint and/or video of this report at some point.


Click here to view Lessons Learnt 8

Fish Passage

Chuck Lobdell and the team at Johnson Creek Watershed OR have recently installed some flexible baffles in the culvert under Highway 26.
The aim is to improve fish passage in all flow particularly for spawning salmon.
The baffles are offset to provide a low-flow swim channel and also extend up the wall of the culvert to assist during higher flows.