Flexi Baffles – Culvert Baffles

Flexi Baffles are designed to assist with upstream fish passage by altering the flow of water through culverts and providing areas for fish to rest.

The baffles can be fitted prior to the installation of the culvert, or retro-fitted to existing structures. ATS Environmental provide an installation service if required.

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Fig: Shows – Multiple Flexi-Baffles placed in a culvert to alter flow meanwhile providing rest areas for species traveling upstream.

flexi baffle

Flexi Baffles placed inside culvert pipe are able to:

Reduce velocity
Increase depth
Interrupt laminar flow
Extend range of flow characteristics
Retain stream bed material
Create high and low flow passage

flexi baffle product

ATS Environmental Flexi Baffles are made in NZ from flexible polymers (20+ year warranty). Our culvert baffles are suitable for round or square culverts and can be modified on site to fit any size requirements.

Culverts can be installed so that baffles are not required. Guidelines can be downloaded from a number of council websites.

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