The team at ATS Environmental are well experienced at retro-fitting fish passage solutions.

Spat rope and conveyor-belt rubber are just two of the increasing number of options we are continuing to develop.

The various options are robust, inexpensive and quick to install.

View and download our full range of Fish Friendly Product Data Sheets bellow-Via Dropbox.

Culvert Fish Baffles

Culvert Fish Baffles

Culvert Baffles placed inside culvert pipe create a swale effect, slowing the velocity of the water and providing rest areas for migrating fish.

Spat Ropes

Spat Ropes

Super-Christmas Tree Mussel ropes help climbing species make their way up into and on through culverts.

rubber ramp

Rubber Fish Ramps

Rubber ramps provide a "wetted-margin" for climbers and may be used in conjunction with spat-rope and or baffles to help swimmers.


Fish Friendly Flood-Gates (FFG)

Fish-friendly floodgates convert new or existing tide gates to meet fish passage requirements.